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We are an Australian based trio who are here to support educators to be empowered and do more of what they love – connecting with the children!

After years of looking for content and professional development that was authentic, heartfelt, meaningful and inspiring and being unable to find exactly what we needed, we decided to create it ourselves.

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We are the creators of the Early Years Educator Magazine!

E.Y.E. Mag is the first free made-for-mobile magazine created especially for early childhood educators.

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A range of courses for Early Childhood Educators. 

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Seasonal and event planners and guides to inspire and support you.

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Resource bundles and digital printables for use in your early childhood setting. 

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Feedback from our Big Hearted Community...


Melissa Dreger

"You’ve got no idea, well maybe you do, just how incredible the Big Hearted Community is...

I feel isolated a lot in fdc, sure I have local educators who I chat to, but there is something different, something unique about that group that keeps me coming back for more, for sharing, for collaborating, for listening, for smiling."

Kaitlin Uden

"Thank you so much for this amazing planner!

This has given me back time with my family, it’s helped me be a better educator, it has opened up more space for fun in the moments with the beautiful children I get the privilege of educating and caring for. The way this planner is set out is so nice to follow. I feel more empowered and more confident in talking about my program and my observations.

I have tried other planners and there is nothing out there like this!" 

Tania Howe

"The 5 day Kickstarter program was a complete eye opener. I was in shock by what I didn’t know.

Victoria and team, you guys are amazing and I will be following very closely so that I can teach, develop and encourage all children in my care environment.

Also, I will be kickstarting my own backside to where it needs to be."

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